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Strip and Foil Tube Bar Profile and Wire Aluminium and Magnesium Powder
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  Company brief introduction

Company brief introduction


  During the last 30 years or experience, Northw- est Aluminium Fabrication Plant, built up in North-W- estern   China ,   has  established  it self   as  a  big supplier of qualified products   in   large  amount   to both   domestic   and   overseas   customers.    With 53,760 tons of annual output and perfect technique- s, the  plant has  made considerable  progress and effect in technical development and improvement in recent years ,  as well in introducing ,  digesting and assimilating of world advanced techniques.

       Our products line:Aluminium Plate and Sheet、Aluminium Tube/ Pipe (Round Tube/ Square Tube/ Seamless Tube)
Aluminium Rods/ Bars、Aluminium Profiles (Solar Profiles/Radiator Profiles/ Heatsink Profiles)
and we also accept customer''s material for processing:Profiles Extrusion/ Deep Processing/ Surface Finishing

    Gansu Xiancheng Northwest Aluminum Products Limited Company relied on a large scale enterprise Northwest Aluminium Fabrication Plant(Presently changes the name is the LanZhou aluminum business limited liabicity company northwest aluminum processing subsidiary company). Through years of deve- loping, Gansu Xiancheng Northwest Aluminum Products Limited Company already  became one of the biggest and has one of independent import and export business right of management aluminum material dealer in northwest.

  Through  years  of  experience,  a spirit is formed. That is: "your chouice our products". It will be convinc- ed that we can win more and more consumers.
  The progress and development in our company is concerned with technical and economical exchan- ges and cooperations form customers in all fieles.
  Welcome   wiser  friends  to  our  company for a great  plan.  Wish our  faithful  cooperations  last  for ever.


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